Amy is a culinary explorer and content writer with a passion for food styling and photography. Amy is a lover of all things food (& wine!), is almost always healthy. Amy cooks from the heart, and comes from a line of modest cuisine. A mum of two, with a fuss pot husband, Amy is often found cooking for play dates and gifting food to others.

Amy is positive by nature, super organised, and easy to work with.

All content is original, and while payment and product samples are accepted from time to time – all views expressed are genuine. Always.

Opportunities to partner with Eat Raise Love include;


 Recipe development

 Product line testing, styling and photography

 Product reviews

 Giveaways and competitions

 Editorial content

 Brand ambassador

 Cooking demontrations

 Conference representation

 Restaurant reviews

 Travel experiences

 Event coverage


Please email amy (@) for a full media kit and written references.

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