The Office Express

Our youngest has started daycare this month. I have been yearning for office banter, a reason to slip into a frock and some lippy without a kids birthday present under my arm.

This first week has had some ups and downs despite giving it my best shot.

Adding these two into the morning, while trying to arrive looking like I did – before Maternity Leave.

Clean, fresh, energetic and fun.
Maybe a panel beater is the most aptly equipped for the job…

My hair is the type that needs to be washed every morning to be left out. It’s just not going to happen with two young kids.

I need short cuts, and fast results which look like effort has gone in, while not spending big on take away lunches since my fitness regime of running around after kids all day is now plonked on an office chair. 

Here’s what is working so far;

1. Stock the fridge with Smoothies and Soups. Mason jars are portable from fridge to office and are microwavable. Thats breakfast and lunch for me done 3/4 days ahead.

2. Set everything up the night before. School bags, lunches, purse, vitamins, laptop, pen everyones outfits and anything else.

3. Shower, wash and blow dry hair as part of the kids bedtime routine.

4. Morning ; share the load where ever possible and engage the kids in the new routine with tasks and responsibilities.

5. Give the hair a waft of dry shampoo and go over it with the GHD. Works absolute wonders.

6. A little goes a long way with makeup. Tinted moisturiser and Tinted Lipgloss put the fast track on express. I’m loving Garnier BB Cream for the 3 in 1 express finish.

IMG_6771 My Emergency… Get-out-the-door kit : Smoothie, GHD, BB Cream and Dry Shampoo. 

7. Get EVERYTHING else done before getting dressed. Put a coat on immediately after what ever is fancy underneath to form a protective barrier from the sticky hands and snotty faces.

8. On arrival to work (while still in the car), check left shoulder and thigh areas of clothing, the hot spots for traces of kids. Wet Ones work a treat.


FullSizeRender (2) momentary pause before running out the door….  

* The BB Cream was kindly gifted to me by Garnier Australia. For more on this, check out the Privacy Policy and Media Kit


I’m keen for tips on balancing work and home 

What’s your tip to get out the door in the morning? Makeup in no time? Eating healthy on the run? 


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