Spring into Snow…

5 Simple Tips To Get Snow Savvy

A First timers Perisher Ski weekend saw 70cm of snow dumped in 48hrs. Here’s how we made a blizzard into a weekend of fun!

1. Make ease of the road trip.

From Sydney to Perisher is about 6hrs, which sounded daunting – but went well, including more ‘pit’ stops than F1 loving Daddy could count on one hand.
Tip: interesting snacks, engaging toys, an iphone of tunes and easy driving with cruise control. We had Ford Kuga Active Cruise Control which basically thinks for itself. Pyjamas are the best travel outfits for kids – for quick transfer from the car to bed.



2.Regular cars need wheel chains.

If hiring chains, include snow suit hire at the base of the mountain.
Laying on the road to get the chains on wheels looks awfully cold in a blizzard.



3. Hire as much as possible AT the slopes.

This makes for light packing. Less gear to carry from the car to the slopes (the carpark gets mighty full), growing feet are perfectly fit, & there’s less laundry on the trip home.


Our helper Tiffany gave the thumbs up to Vera as she fitted boots. An unfamiliar feeling on a toddlers foot made comfortable by a warm heart. We did a hire bundle which included gear, lessons and lift passes.

IMG_7248 (1)

4. Enroll in Lessons…

My last skiing attempt (10yrs ago) nearly landed me an expensive ride in the emergency chopper. With this in mind, I checked into a lesson as a proud ‘Novice’.
The instructor watched each of the 6 group members closely on each run and gave step by step pointers on how to improve technique. No warning beacons needed this time. Win!


Our 2yo & 4yo went into Ski school. A group program where instructors take the kids out on a protected area. Both had a great time. 4yo Lola got up on skis for her very first time and was so proud to tell us about it.



5. Swap to Toboggan & Apre boots

Apre Boots are snow, waaaa-ay more comfy to walk in than ski boots…. makes the trip back to the car lighter, quicker and new found fun. Better still, the following mornings activity is packed ready to go.

IMG_7242 FullSizeRender (3)

We used the toboggan to come back the next morning and play on the toboggan, then build an Olaf snowman.


Getting home feels quicker.
Hubby had the Active Cruise Control on the whole way. Or maybe the scenery had that, ‘when will I see you, again’ feeling about it…

Hopefully not to long!



Here are some more features of the Ford Kuga Adaptive Cruise Control:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control solves the problem of having to turn cruise on and off to adapt to changing traffic.
  • It allows you to set the distance you want to maintain between you and the vehicle in front, in addition to setting your cruising speed. You have up to four different length gaps to choose from.
  • Its radar automatically scans the vehicles ahead of you when you activate Adaptive Cruise Control, using a button on your steering wheel
  • The system automatically reduces your speed when it detects a slower vehicle so the gap you’ve chosen between you and the vehicle in front is maintained.
  • As soon as the slow vehicle speeds up or you change lanes, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically returns to your chosen cruising speed.
  • It’s easy to switch off Adaptive Cruise Control – just put your foot on the brake.


* This is not a sponsored post.
Ford Australia have assigned me a Ford Kuga on the basis that I would review it here on the blog. All opinions expressed are my own, as always. More info here.
The vehicle features were supplied by Ford Australia. 

Special thanks to The Station and Perisher who hosted us for the weekend. The crew at Perisher would have to be the happiest set of people I’ve come across in a long time. It makes a world of difference to a tired family when a genuine smile and helping hand is offered on a new experience. 


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