3 Easy Recipes for Picky Eaters

I’ve had a few frustrated parents get in touch this week asking about recipes for picky eaters. It’s tough on folks at the best of times.

My first suggestion is always to bring the kids into the kitchen to help cook food they already like.

Cooking with kids takes more time.
The floor gets messy.
There is waste.

However… Even the most un-crackable… love cracking eggs!

The most common foods picky eaters will eat is pasta, cheese and ham,

Another idea is to try different shapes of food, fussy eaters already like.
Eg; Pasta shaped in wagon wheels, bow ties, or cut flat lasagne sheets into long fettucini using a knife or into hearts and stars using a cookie cutter.

Here are some recipes for picky eaters, including ideas for getting children involved in the kitchen.


1. French Toast

– Heat a frypan to medium/hot with a dash of oil
– Get the kids involved by cracking a couple of eggs into a bowl.
– Add a sprinkle of cinnamon then whisk.
– Dip 2 to 3 pieces of bread into the egg mix then fry until golden on each side.




2. Simple Spaghetti Carbonara. 

– bacon + egg + cheese + pasta (see video)
– get the kids involved in cracking the eggs.
– some children can be supervised to help grate cheese.
– peeled, grated zucchini is a good addition to the mix if tempting a new ingredient.


spaghetti_carbonara_eat_raise_love (3)




3. Home made pizzas.

– Heat the oven to its hottest temperature.
– A tortilla wrap, or store bought base, or a lightly toasted piece of bread will do as a base
– Get the children involved in helping put grated cheese and chopped ham into bowls. Add bowls with other toppings the rest of the family like
– Prepare the pizzas onto a tray or foil to make them easier to transfer into the oven.
– Mix tomato paste with a little hot for to spread over the base with the back of a table spoon
– Sprinkle pizza with toppings
– Cook on the middle tray of the oven until the cheese melts and the base is cooked.


Do you have a recipe for picky eaters? Share with us below… 



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