Original Baby Announcement …. & Cutest Ever!




My lovely friends have made a baby announcement to the world, in style. This is the most original baby announcement, and the cutest I have ever seen.

Check out the details closely;
On 17th March, 2015 at 1:16pm, Olive was born into the world weighing 3.9kg’s at 54cm long.

This is not a studio set up.
The adorable photo was taken at home by her parents, on their bed spread.

The incredibly creative folks, printed out a calendar page to indicate the date, used an old fashioned alarm clock for the time and tape measure to show the babys length. Details surrounding include Olive branches and ‘O.L.I.V.E’ building blocks.


Whats better than a cost effective, DIY birth announcement which has been comfortably photographed at home.

Talk about an impressionable welcome!

Amber, Thank you for giving me your permission to share. Look out for a Chicken Pie, coming your way! It’s my favorite gift for new parents. I hope you like it.

Amy xx

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