Meal Plan Hacks from a 3 Day/Wk working Mum

My first week back in the office after a 4 year maternity break was the same week I forgot to do the grocery shopping.

In my pre-kids career as an Executive Assistant, on call 24/7…pushed, pulled in every direction was somehow fun. I loved my job however couldn’t get my head around balancing the demands post kids.

So I have made a fresh start, setting new boundaries , or hoping to… In a part time role close to home.

I’m organised, the kids are settled in daycare. My inlawes are looking after the kids one day a week. Sounds easy enough.

Wednesday of the first week; our third night of takeaway in a row.
I had no intention of looking at a computer screen to do a basic online shop. I’m exhausted trying to make this look seamless.

We ate more take away that week than my jeans can hide. I realised my car was unregistered whilst driving it and our 2yo toddler tipped an entire 2Ltrs of milk on the sofa. It’s been a challenge.

On Friday by chance my weekly fruit and vegetable delivery arrived.  Something needs to give ….

So fore the New Plan;

1. Online Grocery Order (back up supplies of must haves, like overnight pull ups)

2. Weekly Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable box delivery.

3. Cook for the kids and make left overs.

1 month update, and my 3 day working week meal plan;

1 month into the new work, the honeymoon period clearly over I have started to find a groove. I’ve let go of a few things, accepted I cant do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g the same as before starting back to work.

Here’s how its looking;

Sunday Night – Online order for delivery in the afternoon of my day off.

Monday – Long day in the office.
Kids come home from Grandmas fed.
Hubby and I have a quick one pot dinner. Last night it was microwave rice, a grilled steak, then shredded Chinese cabbage lightly cooked in the the pan juices for a side of greens.

Tuesday – Day off & grocery delivery.
Huge batch of bolognese cooked at lunchtime. The kids helped peel and chop the veggies, the sauce will cook for the afternoon for tonights dinner. Cook extra pasta to set aside for kids tomorrow.

Freeze left over bolognese sauce into family sized portions. Keep aside some left over cooked pasta.

Wednesday – Office.
I love the Jamie Oliver Fish Fingers. From freezer to plate in under 10 minutes while a few veggies steam and Tuesdays left over pasta is reheated.
Thawed roast meat made into a quick curry with the same vegeies the kids had for hubby and I when the kids are in bed.

Thursday – Office.
Something defrosted from a Tuesday double batch.

Friday – Day off and Fruit/Veggie delivery.
Most often a play date dinner. We do home made pizzas with friends, bolognese and popcorn.


Saturday – Family day and Family Dinner
A roast chook or leg of lamb. Freeze the left over meat for use during the week.






Do you have any time saving tips for working parents?

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