Kidspot Voices of 2015 – Finalist

When the invitation to Kidspot Voices of 2015 Masterclass in Melbourne arrived – I high heeled it to the airport, with a 4am start.

You know you’re early when the airport coffee shop is closed. As you can see, that didn’t stop me. The Collective a travel staple, this month with Amy Poehler, I felt a little matchy-matchy. Although I didnt get past the cover after my date for the day arrived.


Brenda Janscheks’ positive energy spring boarded the morning into sunshine. We chatted the entire 6am flight, swapping chairs midway to give our necks a rest. Brenda’s a nutritionist and health coach who is teaching others how to improve their families health through her popular e-courses.

Melbourne is a quiet city on a Saturday morning. Destination – Leonda By the Yarra, a boutique hotel set on the River. A unique function space with grandeur. 


The Leonda corporate function team were flawless. The offering tailored, quirky and well suited. A 5 Star rating, well earned.

A delicious breakfast included fruit, yoghurt and compote with ham and gruyere cheese toasties. A blast from the past. A decadent breakfast soufflé followed which on its own, is worth coming back for.




A day of Inspiring Women! 

Bloggers shared interesting stories about why they started, the year past and managing blogging with family. 

Clare from Checks & Spots, a relatable food and mummy lifestyle blogger couldn’t find her sweet spot in Motherhood. Clare shared about how blogging helped relieve Post Natal Depression. Blogging became a creative outlet which gives Clare satisfaction and balance within.

Caz from Y Travel Blog packed up her family of four, including two young kids to travel Australia for 18 months. Home schooling her 7 year old, living town to town in a pop up Jayco caravan while fulfil her dreams. An Australian Adventure from urban rut to freedom. 

I sat next to two lovely women, we got to chatting in the very noisy room of bloggers.

Belinda from GallerieB is a mum of three, creative, and interior designer blogging about Hamptons Style with Colour. Luxe, style, divine. My home look-book is done. Bel is about to renovate her home, the progress will be great to watch. 

Vanessa from Style & Shenanigans gave her blog genre away with a bright orange cashmere sweater, floral skirt and ankle boots. Style me any day! An established blogger, Vanessa gave some of the best take-aways of the day in a few sentences over breakfast.

Brisbane Stylist Kirsty Ashe picked my Leona Edminson dress a mile off. Kirsty styles mums back into confidence with affordable wardrobe make overs. A chat with Kirsty is like a cup of tea. Warm, enriching and familiar.

From “1.7M Acres in Bum Truck Nowhere” comes Miss Chardy, what a character! An unlikely mash of dirt roads and humour from 13hrs south of Darwin, NT. Miss Chardys’ hilarious blog transforms the solace country life into belly laughs.  Making the most of the working cattle station Miss Chardy by connecting herself to sanity and the world via a space ship set up of satelites and 5am starts, just to get internet access.

A chirpy face I had to introduce myself to is Lorelei. Crafts Mums Ship is a smile fest of Etsy worthy creations, intertwined with effervescent love. Lorelei is as happy in person as her blog suggests, up-cycling and crocheting her household with affordable style.

Cassandra of Live it, Do it. had just returned from 3 weeks in Europe with her best friend, without her family. Hubby agreed over dinner one night that Cass should do it. So she did.
Wow, hey! Live it, Do it. is an adventure packed blog coupled with gasp worthy Instagram snaps. 

Kristen from Mamacino is a dynamite food stylist and photographer. In her spare time, Kristin is a busy mum of three children and party planning extraordinaire. Hubby travels extended periods for work in Antarctia. A wonderful woman to chat with about switching from solo parenting to a full house again. I felt like I was chatting with a life long friend.

Wendy, Author of 3 cookbooks and founder of Veggie Smugglers, interestingly started blogging after publishing her cook books. It seems many these days have the opposite career progression. I have been introduced to Veggie Smugglers books by a friend for many years. Wendy and I swapped recipes, tricky Toddler meal ideas and our passion for well fed kids. 

Kidspot Voices of 2015 received over 3,300 nominations. 100 Voices of 2015 Finalists were announced, including 5 friends. What a cracker of a day.

kidspot-voices-masterclass-eat-raise-loveCassandra (Live it. Do it), Amy McEntee (Eat Raise Love), Brenda Janschek, Wendy (Vegie Smugglers)


One last surprise of the day was a pow wow, pinot and cheese plate with Caz from YTravelBlog before boarding the flight home. An inspiring woman, travelling on a shoestring budget while filling her family with lifes’ richest memories. 

2 generous goodie bags made me duck for cover through the boarding gate. There is a knack to making light of heavy bags.  I’ll be testing out the goodies this week. 



10 Blogs to follow – Brenda JansheckChecks & SpotsYtravelblog , GallerieB, Style and Shenanegans, Kirsty Ashe, Miss Chardy , Live it. Do it. ,  Mamacino , Vegie Smugglers, Crafts Mums Ship.  (Okay, I couldn’t choose just ten, so theres eleven)

Special thanks to Kidspot, Ford and Garnier for hosting me at the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Breakfast and Masterclass.

Huge shout out to  the awesome readers who nominated Eat Raise Love. Here’s a little more about me, a self taught cook making meal time easier for busy families. 

Venue;  Leonda by the Yarra (image source, Leonda)


Which Blogs do you love to follow?

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